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Even with the Common Core, the GLCEs remain the focus of Michiganís social studies.

Our Michigan Adventure!
4th Grade textbook

Historical Society of Michigan State History Award

Our Michigan Adventure! was designed from the very beginning with the student in mind. It is easy to read with a controlled vocabulary.  It has simplicity with no overload of concepts. It has great eye appeal.  Includes colorful photos, maps & charts. Reading level 4.38.

It is coordinated with our Desk Maps, Activity Masters and Computer Programs.

It covers:

  • Michigan history themes
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Government-Civics
  • Core Democratic Values
  • GLCEs
Audio Book Available

Our Michigan Adventure! by David B. McConnell

by David B. McConnell

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Student text. 
Hardcover. 345 pages. © 2008

ISBN #978-1-931466-07-3 

We no longer have any printed books.
Use the online version.
Our Michigan Adventure
now online too!

Online access is now FREE for the asking. Just email Dave at: michbooks@aol.com

Audio Edition  of student textbook on 8 CDs read by the author and organized by lesson. (only sold to adopting schools)      
ISBN  #1-931466-04-1 School Price  $49.95
Teacher's Edition. 440 pages. © 2008  In 3 ring binder. (only sold to adopting schools)
ISBN  #978-1-931466-10-3 School Price  $59.95
Assessment Package. © 2005  CD only.  Provides TWO levels of MEAP-like tests for each chapter. Tests include prompts, charts and graphs. CDVs and extended responses.
CD only  ISBN  #1-931466-03-3 School Price  $34.95
Still available, 2002 student edition, closely matches all previous editions. 282 pages
ISBN  #0-910726-39-6 School Price  $29.25

Our Michigan Adventure and Assessment Package
GLEC's for Our Michigan Adventure    Our Michigan Adventure covers the following Michigan history related GLCEs (after statehood) and helps with several other 4th grade GLCEs. Contact us for a more complete correlation. 4H3.0.7, 4H3.0.8, 4H3.0.9,
4G2.0.2, 4G4.0.1, 4G4.0.2, 4G5.0.1, 4C3.0.4, 4C3.0.7 4C5.0.1, 4P3.1.3, 4P3.3.1

Michigan Activity Masters
Michigan Activity Masters

Excellent supplemental seatwork activities.
with TEACHER REFERENCES                        220 pages

Michigan Activity Masters has over 100 reproducible activities connected with Michigan Studies, both pre and post statehood. Suitable for 3rd and 4th grade students. All activities are designed at a young learnerís level. Concepts include: core democratic values, historic events and problem solving strategies, differing viewpoints and much more. Size 8.5 x 11 in. Provided in a 3 ring binder.

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It is all reproducible!
ISBN 0-910726-46-9  School Price $79.95

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