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Our Michigan AdventureOur Michigan Adventure explains to students how a state is made up of three things-the land, people and government. When many people live together they need rules to live by. They also need to work together to do things which individuals cannot do by themselves. This is where government comes into the picture.  Through the study of government, students are exposed to the civics benchmarks and the core democratic values.

The first governing document of this area, was the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. The ordinance was the first attempt to guarantee specific rights.

In 1835 Michigan ran into the distinctions and powers of state versus national government with a bang. It did so when it declared itself a state-without congressional approval! This situation offers a good opportunity to study the differences between the two types of government.

In the Chapter on government, students will get a clear picture of the division of government into three branches using the visual of a government tree.  They will see what each branch does. They will understand the importance of the voters, who are the roots of the tree. They will realize it is crucial for each person to be an active participant in a democracy.

Students will come to understand what our courts do and the differences between the different kinds of courts. They will be exposed to the workings of county and city government as well. They will see who makes our laws and how they are made.

Our Michigan Adventure incorporates all of the upper elementary social studies benchmarks for the Civic Perspective which relates to the study of Michigan.


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