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Our Michigan Adventure!
elementary textbook

Our Michigan Adventure! was designed from the very beginning with the student in mind.

It is easy to read with a controlled vocabulary.  It has simplicity with no overload of concepts.

It has great eye appeal.  Includes colorful photos, maps & charts.

It is coordinated with our Desk Maps, Activity Masters and Computer Programs.


Our Michigan Adventure! by David B. McConnell

by David B. McConnell
It covers:

Its goal is to prepare your students for the important MEAP tests.
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Student text. Hardcover. 345 pages. © 2005
ISBN  #1-931466-01-7 School Price  $34.95

Audio Edition  of student textbook on 8 CDs read by the author, organized by lesson. (only sold to adopting schools)
Audio Edition  of student textbook on 8 CDs read by the author, organized by lesson. (only sold to adopting schools)
ISBN  #1-931466-04-1 School Price  $59.95

Teacher's Edition. © 2005  440 pages.  (not sold separately)
ISBN 1-931466-02-5 School Price  $59.95
Reproducible Assessment Package.
223 pages of chapter tests. Revised to provide two levels of tests for each chapter. Includes questions for the Michigan History Themes from the MDE.
© 2005  In 3 ring binder.
ISBN 1-931466-03-3  School Price  $34.95
Audio Edition on 8 CDs *sold only to adopting schools- call for questions.        $59.95
Student text. Hardcover. © 2002
ISBN 0-910726-39-6 School Price  $29.25
      MEAP Preparation with Our Michigan Adventures

Free Activity from
"Michigan Activity Masters"
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Our Michigan Adventure
covers virtually every upper elementary benchmark in the Michigan Framework for Social Studies Education.

The associated Michigan Activity Masters provides reproducible seatwork activities which also correlate with many of the benchmarks.

One educator says–

“Much less distracting and overwhelming for my students!”

J.L. from Dundee says-

“In my 20+ years of teaching, this is the best textbook I have ever used!”

Correlations available for state standards, the Macomb county curriculum & KC4.  Click here for awesome supplemental products...
Michigan Activity Masters

Michigan Activity Masters

Excellent supplemental seatwork activities.
with TEACHER REFERENCES                        220 pages

All activities correlate with the latest social studies benchmarks and to our textbook, Our Michigan Adventure. Many new activities focus on MEAP style questions, democratic values, policy issues at a young learner's level, imports & exports, differing viewpoints of historic events, and problem solving strategies.  Purchase price includes reproduction rights for one building.  Size 8 1/2 x 11 in. In 3 ring binder. Click here to view table of contents.

It is all reproducible!
ISBN 0-910726-46-9  School Price $79.95
Meap Links for Michigan Activity Masters The activity Masters focus on the historic, geographic, civic, and Inquiry strands and correlate with over 50 benchmarks!



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